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Content Marketing Assistant

Content marketing: A marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
— Forbes
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It's a very precious asset to me.

I feel MOST alive when I'm spending time with people I adore, sharing music we both love!

If you've dropped by as a time strapped business owner, looking for ways to add more time to your day, I think you'll be thrilled! 

My mission is to create opportunity to add extra time in the day of busy entrepreneurs,  so they may experience more of what is beautiful in life.

I do this by helping to create and oversee your time consuming marketing tasks.

You started this business so you could experience the freedoms of life on your terms. Honestly, I don't think there is another way to live! But marketing this precious business of yours has become so time consuming, you're wondering when you will see the freedom you originally sought out. 

With everything that's involved in a single blog, or the social media that has to be created, scheduled, posted, replied to, maintained. It's exhausting. I get it, but I also love this stuff, and would love the opportunity to help you get some of your time back to do the things more freedom would allow. 

Start below by downloading my personal blog process, a checklist that helps you get from A-Z each week when creating and publishing your blog. Find out how much time this process saves you each week!

How will you invest your extra time?

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GoPro Blog Service

Let's face it, the blogging process is tiresome, boring, and time consuming. But we have to do it! I get it, that's why I'm here. 

Imagine saving up to 5 (or more!) hours per week on your blog! What would you do with the extra time you had?

The purpose of this done-for-you Blog Service is simple. To free up time for you to focus your energy elsewhere in your business and/or personal life. 

Here's what you get:

  • Your rough draft edited and polished (2 rounds)

  • An image created to accompany the topic of your blog

  • Your blog formatted and scheduled to be published 

  • Your newsletter edited and/or created and scheduled to send

  • 3 social media posts created and scheduled to your choice of 3 platforms

All you have to do is write up your rough draft and send it over...          I'll do the rest!

Ready to save time and start investing it in other parts of your life? Click below to apply or schedule an appointment to chat.

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