Hello! Thanks for stopping by. 

Quick intro: A few years ago I had a thriving small business as a VA. Life happened unexpectedly and I had to let my precious little business go.

Now, as a Content Marketing Assistant, I have zeroed in on what I would really like to offer the world, and I'm ready to reintroduce some of my old services but in a bigger, better way!

Before I do, I want to polish my offers and simplify my processes. To do that I am looking for a few volunteers to test drive my service for free. All I ask for in return is your feedback, and possibly a testimonial if you are happy with my work.

The purpose of my service is to save you and my future clients time in the blog process, which we all know is tiresome, boring, and time consuming.  

Here's what my done-for-you blog service includes:

  • Edit, format and polish up your blogs rough draft

  • Create an image to accompany the topic of your blog

  • Upload and format the blog into your website blog page, and schedule it to be published on your chosen date and time

  • Edit and/or create a newsletter to be sent to your list

  • Upload, format and schedule the newsletter to be sent out out to your email list

  • Create and schedule 3 social media posts to be published to a maximum of 3 social media platforms

  • Send everything over to you for approval or change requests (2 total edits per blog)

All you have to do is write up your rough draft and send it over, I'll do the rest! 


Click below to fill out the application and you'll be hearing from me soon after!