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How this works:

I have created this premium, done for you service to be worry and hassle free so that you can forget about the time consuming blogging process and can more efficiently manage your time.

This package includes 4 blogs that can be used weekly, biweekly or monthly, based on your current blog schedule, and will expire 4 months from the date that your first blog is published.

You will receive an email with a questionnaire asking all the information I will need to familiarize myself with your blog style and to securely access your accounts using fastpass.

Also in that email will be our agreement for services, as well as an invoice. The sooner these important items are returned, the sooner I can get to work for you.

Next, I will create a personalized folder inside of Google Drive just for us where we will work from. Inside that folder there will be a customized Style sheet (a process to track your blog style so it stays consistent), work schedule and important dates, our agreement, and a copy of your invoice. I will also store our work there, ie: weekly blogs, blog images, social media posts, etc.

I will then schedule the work to be done in my calendar, as well as the dates to submit your rough drafts, and when you can expect to receive each weeks' final draft for approval, so you know when to expect to hear from me. I'll communicate all of this to you before the work starts.

Each week I will:

  • Edit the rough draft of your blog

  • Create an image to accompany the topic of your blog

  • Edit and/or create your newsletter*

  • Create 3 social media posts

  • Send blog, blog image, newsletter and social media posts to you for approval or change requests (2 total edits per blog)

  • Upon approval, format your blog into your websites' blog page and schedule to be posted per our agreed schedule

  • Upload, format and schedule your newsletter to be sent

  • Schedule your social media posts to be published to chosen social media platforms

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me at

*If no newsletter has been written, I will extract the beginning of your blog content to be sent as your newsletter, with the blog image and link to your blog.