How This Works

This package includes 4 blogs that can be used weekly, biweekly or monthly, based on your current blog schedule, and will expire 4 months from the date that your first blog is published.

For each blog I will:

  • Edit and format your blogs rough draft

  • Create an image to accompany the topic of your blog

  • Send to you for approval or change requests (2 total edits per blog)

  • Upon approval, upload and format into your website blog page, and schedule to be published on your chosen date and time

  • Edit and/or create a newsletter to be sent to  your list, announcing your new blog

  • Upload, format and schedule the newsletter to send to your mail list

  • Create and schedule 3 social media posts to be published to a maximum of 3 social media platforms

I will create and share with you a personalized folder inside of Google Drive for us to work from. Inside that folder you will find:

  • Our working schedule

  • A customized Style sheet (a process to track your blog style so it stays consistent)

  • A customized content and social media calendar

  • Agreement

  • Invoice

In this folder all blog, social media, and image content that we create while working together will be kept organized and easy to access.